Online Art Submissions: Online Galleries That Accept Entries in a Matter of Minutes

Artists of the previous generations sometimes found it challenging to showcase their talent. Firstly, the number of art exhibitions was lesser. So, artists had to find out about these galleries through their acquaintances. Even if a person knew of such an event, the location could be distant. All these issues made art submissions and showcasing of talent difficult. 

However, online art submissions have bridged all the gaps in this day and age. Thanks to the Internet, people can now submit their artworks from the convenience of being at home. Currently, many online galleries are prevalent that accept entries in an instant. Therefore, in this post, we have discussed the features of these platforms, easing the process of submitting artworks online. 

Comprehensible Guidelines – Today's online art galleries lay down their guidelines easily understandable manner. Artists worldwide participate in such exhibitions, and the team is aware of this. Thus, they do not complicate the communicative language. Furthermore, the uploading of artworks should meet specific parameters of size, resolution, etc. The team mentions the technical guidelines so that even a non-tech-savvy person can participate. 

Fast System – The prerequisite of any online platform is to have speed. If the system is slow, artists may give up between submissions. However, the online art galleries of today have experts behind their system's functioning. Thus, these platforms are fast and efficient. The team knows that many artists across the globe submit their artworks within the mentioned timeframe. However, it may cause slowdown of the website during rush hours. So, they take adequate precautions to avoid such mishaps. Therefore, the concerned department of these online art galleries ensures fast registration and online art submissions.

User-Friendly Interface – When online platforms are complicated to browse through, artists may find it hard to submit their work. Therefore, the designers of online galleries strive to make the portal user-friendly. As a result, the artist can easily navigate the website and submit their artwork effortlessly.

Furthermore, many online art galleries have virtual chat assistance readily available. Therefore, if a person faces any problem while submitting the entry, they can instantly ping the assistant. The concerned executive shall solve their problem immediately, as they are trained to do so. The segment of Frequently Answered Questions, or FAQs, is also significant in the easy submission of artworks online.

Convenience – One of the most significant benefits of online art submissions is its utmost convenience. Artists no longer have to travel with their artworks to faraway venues. Each artist all over the world has the right to demonstrate their talent. However, many a time, they cannot achieve it due to distance. Sometimes, a famous art exhibition occurs in another country. In such a case, it is not feasible for most artists to reach the location within a short period.

Online art galleries have absolutely obliterated the above problem. Now, it does not matter where the gallery is situated. People globally can apply to the exhibition from their homes. All they need, is an Internet connection and a computer, which are both available today. Artists can participate in these online galleries within a short span. First, they have to follow the easy registration and upload guidelines. After that, they must select the file saved on their computer to submit the entry. 

Lesser Limits – Since the submission procedure is quick and easy, there are fewer limits on the submission quantity. Thus, artists can choose to upload more than one painting based on the theme. It increases their scope to showcase their talent on international platforms. Also, the artist does not have to restrict their imagination to create only one artwork. They can carve out many masterpieces to display their skills.

The Closing Thoughts

If you are looking for a reliable platform to submit your artwork, you must visit the ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL GALLERY’s website. Their team comprises skilled and experienced artists who conduct regular art contests and exhibitions. Furthermore, their virtual gallery system has a user-friendly interface that accepts online art submissions within minutes. Therefore, artists can follow their passion in an instant through this portal. Furthermore, you can go through their official website to get further details about the submission guidelines and themes. 


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