Five Guidelines for Pricing Your Artwork in an International Art Contest

Art is priceless, and all artists worldwide will agree with this notion. When an artist creates a piece of art, one does it with the power of visualization and talent. The artwork carries a personal message from the creator. Also, the artists follow their passion while brushing their strokes, and no one thinks of money while painting. 

Nonetheless, pricing the artwork is another matter that artists must be well-versed in. Therefore, it is understandable that it is a challenging task. Putting a tag on something they claim to be priceless is awkward. However, artists should not forget that passion and profession are different aspects. Just like a person should follow their passion with all their heart, they should also be professional for a living. 

Therefore, artists should not feel embarrassed or awkward while pricing their masterpieces. Also, they should know basic facts before participating in an international art contest. If they underprice the artworks, they will be at a sheer loss. On the other hand, overpriced artworks may not gain the attention of buyers. Even if your artwork is brilliant and people adore it, they may be uncomfortable paying for it. 

Therefore, there are some considerations that you must keep in mind while pricing your masterpiece. So, we have mentioned some points to help you while concluding this essential task.

Connect with Wages –Once you have completed your artwork, you may wonder how to value it monetarily. Therefore, you can imagine yourself under daily or hourly wages to ease this process. You can imagine working in a firm and then decide the wages you would expect. Thus, you can calculate an approximate valuation of all your effort to create your painting. 

Compare on the Internet – The main advantage of the digital revolution presently is the easy accessibility of information. Whenever we have any doubts, we search the topic on our browser and get many answers. You can do the same to price your artwork effectively. Before submitting your creation to an international art contest, you should view similar artwork online. Thus, you will know the current market, helping you to put a justified tag on your painting. 

Substantiate the Price – You should not expect buyers to purchase your artwork without questioning the price. It is a natural attitude and right from their point of view. Therefore, you should be prepared with an answer to substantiate the pricing you chose. Also, you must be confident while conveying your message. Your confidence will indicate your well-done research and contemplation behind the pricing. 

Be Consistent on the Tag – Once you have decided on the price of an artwork, you should fix it. It would help if you did not fluctuate the valuation as it denotes lesser self-confidence. You must do all possible research and introspection before submitting the entry to the international art contest. Once you have put the tag, you should remain consistent on it. It would be best if you had faith in your decision and efforts.

Be Flexible on Range – If you are submitting more than one entry to the art contest, you have the scope to increase the pricing range. By doing this, you allow all types of art lovers to buy your masterpiece. For example, youngsters may not have enough money to buy premium artwork. Thus, if you price those artworks so that the youth can also afford, your chances of a sale increase. Likewise, some senior artists may relate an underpriced creation to low-quality. For them, you can price your other artworks a little higher. Thus, you should consider the buyers' point of view and price your artworks. 

The Closing Thoughts

If you feel very connected to your artwork and find it difficult to price it, you can contact ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL GALLERY. It is one of the leading online art galleries in the present times. Their expert team of skilled and experienced artists will help you in this process. Their guidance shall ensure that you get the best price possible in the international art contest. Furthermore, the team understands how much effort an artist puts into creating an artwork. Thus, you can be assured that your artwork will get an appropriate value on this platform. 


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